Nine reasons our Christmas lighting business is good for you!!!


You Will Be Out of Harms Way!

We give our customers peace of mind that they can avoid the dangers of climbing on their roofs and on high ladders. It would have immense negative consequences on your family of you were to get hurt while putting up your Christmas lights. It’s actually quite alarming to learn of all the Christmas decorating accidents that occur each year. We have vast experience in safety methods and techniques.

24 hour Response Time for Repairing and Replacing Bulbs

We maintain the lights throughout the season so you don’t ever have to worry about changing old bulbs or defective minilight sets. We enjoy exceeding customer expectations by fixing broken lights or replacing burned out bulbs within 24 hours of a call! Whenever John sees a Christmas light out on his own house, he immediately changes it so his lights are always running at 100%. He wants the same for your home or business. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

You Choose What’s Important

Quotes are given a la carte so you can choose what is most important to your individual needs.

Most Appealing Home in the Neighborhood

Your home will surely be the most appealing in the neighborhood with our elaborate Christmas lighting designs. John possesses a meticulous attention to detail so that your lights look perfect and your windows sparkle immaculately. Our customers speak of numerous compliments from their neighbors.

Attracts Customers!

Our Christmas lighting will attract more attention to your business which will draw more potential customers to your door.

Frees Up Your Time

You can spend your time doing what you want to do now that someone else will be spending the long hours decorating your home or business. Many jobs take us more than 40 man-hours to complete and we have the equipment and expertise that enable us to be efficient.

We Bring Peace to Your Home! 🙂

You will no longer have to argue with your spouse about having to put up Christmas lights. Lol! We’ll do it for you and bring more peace to your home!

Joy!…Enough Said!

Your kids will be overjoyed because kids just love Christmas lights!  Christmas lights bring out so much joy in adults too. You can’t help but smiling whenever you look at them.  It’s fun to drive down the street towards home or work and see your house or business all lit up as you approach.

The Experts Know What They are Doing

In many areas of life, there is some professional who can do something much better than we can. We have experience decorating hundreds of homes and businesses with Christmas lighting. We know many do’s and don’ts that make the lighting task easier, safer, and more precise. Doing it yourself can be time consuming, frustrating, dangerous and less than spectacular. Let the staff of Sparkling Properties, Inc. alleviate those concerns from you.