God’s Word Matters

Why Does God’s Word Matter To Our Company?

God’s Will is His Word and His Word is His Will for our lives (Matthew 12: 50).  It is profoundly important to study and learn God Word (Joshua 1: 8).  We must be doers of the Word, and not just hearers (James 1: 22-25).  It is the instruction book for how we are to live our lives (Psalm 119: 105).  If we want our lives to be pleasing to God, we should mature in our relationship with Him by reading His Word (Hebrews 5: 11-14) and then doing as the Word instructs.

Each of us was created to have a particular ministry.  That ministry may be a ministry of preaching, teaching, giving, evangelism, healing, and others (1 Corinthians 12: 4-11).  God has given each of us specific gifts so we may perform that ministry well so we can do something to enhance God’s Kingdom (Romans 12: 6-8).

John, the owner of Sparkling Properties, Inc., believes the Lord has given him entrepreneurial abilities that are to be used for God’s purposes.  These abilities are not be hoarded by filling his own storehouses (Luke 12: 16-21), nor are they to be squandered by accumulating lots of stuff (Matthew 6: 19-21).  Rather, his abilities are to be used to can help orphans, widows, and others in need (James 1: 27 & Galatians 6: 3, 10 & 1 John 3: 17).  Additionally, God’s provisions are to be used to help spread the Gospel Message to the world by providing assistance to missionary projects worldwide (Matthew 28:19).

Furthermore, John believes that the Lord may have called him to have a teaching ministry.  John is very passionate about teaching others to develop their faith for physical healings for our body just as John has done.  In recent years, John has received many miraculous healings from God as a result.  Praise be to God! (See Bible Healing reflection).  Also, John knows the importance of deeply developing our faith so we may receive all of the things God has promised to those who love God.

Furthermore, the Word of God continues to transform John (Romans 12: 1-2 & 2 Corinthians 5: 17).  He no longer lives for things of the world (1 John 2: 15-17 & Proverbs 23: 4-5).  He now lives his life to please Christ (Matthew 25: 21, 34-36 & Proverbs 3: 9-10).  God has put it on John’s heart to be a light of the world (Matthew 5: 14) and to tell everyone what Jesus has done for him (Mark 5: 19-20).  And John intends to run the race to the end (2 Timothy 4: 6-8).