How long have you been designing and installing Christmas lights?

Since 2001.

Why should I hire your company verses another Christmas lighting service?

Sparkling Properties. Inc. specializes in exceptional customer service.  We stand out in terms of repairing or replacing lights and decorations FAST!  We want you to call us even if you only have one bulb that is burned out. The season is already so short.  John prefers to have his own lights working at 100% throughout the season.  He wants the same for you too.  Furthermore, John possesses a meticulous attention to detail so your lights look perfect and your windows sparkle immaculately.

Does Sparkling Properties, Inc. carry insurance?

You don’t have to worry about damage to your home or business or any other type of accident.  Sparkling Properties, Inc. carries Workman’s Compensation for its employees as well as General Liability for your home or business. And we would be happy to provide you with a copy.   Protect yourself by asking for a copy from anyone who performs work at your home or business.

What do I do if the lights quit working or if bulbs burn out?

We enjoy exceeding customer expectations by fixing broken lights or replacing burned out bulbs within 24 hours of a call! All you have to do is pick up the phone.

How do you determine the price?

Prices are custom quoted per your home or business.  Various potential areas to be decorated are listed a la carte so you can choose what is most important to you.

What does your price include?

Prices include the rental, installation, and maintenance of commercial-grade lights as well as the removal and storage of the lights after the holidays have passed.

Do we own the lights or do we rent them from you?

All Christmas lighting and decorations are rented from us as part of your custom decorating package.  This makes it especially easy for you to change your lighting package by adding, subtracting, or changing colors.

Do we store the lights or does your company provide that service?

We store all of the decorations so you won’t have to be concerned with finding the space for them in your home or business.  And it’s included in the cost of your custom package.

What else does Sparkling Properties, Inc. do besides Christmas lighting?

We are a property maintenance company.  Even though we specialize in outdoor Christmas lighting, in 2012, we added a number of other property maintenance services that make your property SPARKLE!

Those services include:  window washing, gutter cleaning, and wedding lighting.